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Cayetano became known as the Patron Saint of Gamblers because people would bet him a rosary or blessed candle that he would not do some special favour for them. Saint Cayetano gave his family fortune to help those in need, and dedicated his life to the care of the sick. His Feast Day is August 7.

  Our Saint Cayetano Medallions are stamped/die struck- they look and feel like cloisonne. The image of Saint Cayetano is carved into the metal, and the colors are hand filled with bright water based paints. The medallions are mounted as a money clip, or key chain, or simply as a pocket saint or card holder. These are high quality, and carefully crafted, and Guaranteed.

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1How to pronounce Cayetano?
We use the Spanish version:

Of Italian Origin: Gaetano dei Conti di Tiene, the Count of Thienna /
1480 - 1547

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St Cayetano: Patron Saint of Gamblers